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Guard Pass DVD Download

Matt's 48 minute Guard Passing Basics DVD download covers key principals of how to fight when you are inside your opponents guard. He covers aspects from controlling the angle, posture, passes and more. This entire DVD is based around the concept of not letting your opponent move or even control you.

Matt covers a number of guard passes including 4 basics passes, wrestler guard passes, standing passes and more. The concepts in this DVD are a must, especially if you are thinking about entering any BJJ tournaments and have a hard time passing your opponents guard.

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Osoto Gari Crash Course DVD Download

Osoto gari is one of Matts most successful techniques. In this DVD download Matt not only outlines how to do an Osoto gari correctly (he learnt it from training with Yamshita) but he also breakdowns for you 8 setups from 8 different directions. Inside you will find Matts highly innovative opposite side Ouchi gari into Osoto gari that he learnt from a French Judoka as well as his Harai goshi into Osoto gari combination.

This DVD download is not to be missed, especially if you love Osoto gari.

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How to throw a stiff armed opponent

This DVD includes techniques and strategies you can do when fighting an opponent who is stiff arming you and trying to keep you at a distance. This is one of the most frustrating positions in Judo and BJJ but as soon as you implement some of these throws your opponents will stop stiff arming you real quick!

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3 Effective Butterfly Guard Passes DVD Download

While training in Japan Matt quickly realised that nearly every single Japanese fighter used butterfly hooks to sweep when on the ground, and at the time, Matt had no answer. Until his BJJ coach taught him these three simple butterfly passes. Now you can use these passes to pass even the toughest of butterfly hooks.

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Insane Workouts eBook

This ebook is stacked full of insane workouts that Matts conditioning coach put him through when he was training for the Olympic Games. Included are workouts that you can do both at home or at the gym. These workouts will get you fit, and FAST!

Not for the Faint hearted

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Everything Kesa & Kuzure Kesa Gatame

This DVD download is stacked with everything you need to know about holding and escaping both Kesa and Kuzure kesa gatame.

Included is a really nice escape I learnt from Roger Gracie Blackebelt Nic Gregoriades as well as a nice way to escape broken scarf hold, which is one of the hardest holds to escape.

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Hard Fought Lessons eBook

Hard Fought Lessons is full of motivational stories and insights Matt has gained throughout his 11 years of international Judo competition. In sixteen exciting chapters, Matt reveals what helped him push through the 3.5 hour training sessions in some of the toughest training centres in the world, the secret of goal setting and the positive or negative effect your family and friends can have on you.

This is a must read for any up and coming competitor.

#1 Amazon Best Seller

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Updates for Life

Get every single update or addition ever made to this product free for the rest of your LIFE. This is the last Facebook design course you will ever need.

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