With These Techniques You Will Throw More People in BJJ Competition Than Ever Before and Instantly Gain an Edge Over Any Guy in Your Weight Division

For Grapplers who are sick and tired of not being able to take people down and gain the upper hand in BJJ or Freestyle Judo competition

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Dear Grappling friends,

Are you one of those grapplers who has no idea about takedowns?
Are you one of those guys who gets grabs a hold of their opponent and has no idea what to do next, so you end up walking around the mat, wasting energy, looking for an opening to pull guard?
Or are you one of those fighters who doesn't want to pull guard because your guard game isn't that strong and you are looking for a few simple, high percentage takedowns?

Believe it or not, you're not alone. There are thousands of BJJ practitioners all over the world who have no idea about how to take people down let alone take people down and land in a dominate position.

For the past 23 years I have been studying the art of Judo and for the past 8 years I have been training and competing in the sport of BJJ. Over the years I have received hundreds, if not thousands of emails from people asking me, "what are the best takedowns to do in BJJ competitions, how do I stop my back being taken, how do I stop guys pulling guard. Once I got an email that just said HELP!" :)

One of the biggest frustrations for competitors is trying to take people down and land in a dominate position on the ground. I spent the first few years of my BJJ training taking a lot of guys down but never ending up in a good position OR I'd take my opponent down only to have my back taken and choked in the process! As a Judo player crossing over into the world of BJJ I was surprised at how hard some BJJ guys were to throw with traditional Judo techniques.

Many of my readers are Judo guys who want to learn how to throw BJJ guys OR they are BJJ practitioners interested in learning simple, yet effective takedowns that are easy to do and don't require thousands of hours of repetition. That’s why I wanted to shoot a Judo for BJJ video Course with my best “Go-To” attacks when fighting BJJ guys. It was meant to start off as a small video series but as I was filming kept on adding more and more strategies, trips and takedowns that I believe are necessary for all Judo and BJJ guys to know when fighting guard pullers, lefties, righties and everything in between.

Inside this Judo for BJJ Takedowns Course you will learn:

  • Simple and easy grip breaks that can break even the strongest of grips

  • Throws and takedowns that almost guarantee a dominate position afterwards

  • Easy to implement leg grab takedowns that finish in knee ride

  • How to prevent and stop your opponent attacking you with a double leg

  • How to sprawl and easy ways to take your opponents back after a failed shot

  • Simple techniques to use when you are fighting right vs right, left vs left OR left vs right stances.

  • How to dominate an opponent that fights in a bent over position

  • and loads more!

Discover quick and easy takedowns and start dominating the stand up game

This Judo for BJJ Package contains over 2.5 Hours worth of video content. To make it easy to understand I have broken the techniques down into 5 different categories. Each takedown, strategy and throwing technique is shown from multiple angles and in real time. I made sure I covered not just HOW to do each takedown, but also what you need to avoid when applying the attack during a live roll.

This video series is just like coming to one of my seminars

Someone asked me recently, "Matt, don't you teach these techniques in your Judo takedowns seminars?? Why would release all of it for a price 6 times cheaper than your seminars? Why don't you just keep running seminars instead?"

My goal when making this video series was to not only reveal my takedown secrets, but to make sure that you never had to buy another takedowns for BJJ DVD ever again. This video series is seriously all you need.
The techniques and strategies I show you are super easy to do and even easier to implement. I am confident that as soon as you watch any of the videos you will be able to implement the techniques at your very next training session.
And this is because I made sure to show you techniques that don't require hours upon hours of harsh drilling and muscle memory. These techniques are so easy to learn that you don't even need to drill them at all.


Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will instantly improve your grappling game even if you have never drilled takedowns before!


Video Download #1

  • Discover Matts Unique approach to fighting a bent over opponent in BJJ or Freestyle Judo competition. Matts approach doesn't just include takedowns, but he uses the gi in such a way to snap his opponent to the floor.
  • Learn how to analyses your opponents posture and footwork before you attacks
  • Use your opponents gi and movement to bring them to the floor
  • Included are three super smooth standing guard passes after the snap down
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How To sprawl and stop double legs
Video Download #2

  • In this DVD download Matt shows you a number of ways to prevent a double leg takedown using your grips, sprawling and more. Many of these techniques Matt learnt from his wrestling days.
  • Learn how to control your opponents hands to prevent his attacks
  • Find out how to sprawl hard to prevent follow up attacks from your opponent
  • Learn a variety of nice back takes that will ensure your opponent never attempts another double leg
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Left vs right attacks
Video Download #3

  • In this 45 minute video download Matt teaches you a ton of attacks you can do when you and your opponent are standing in opposite stances - either left vs right or right vs left.
  • How to use the easiest BJJ takedown ever and finish in the knee ride position every time
  • Telegraph a leg sweep and knee pick so you can finish with a super powerful Osoto gari technique.
  • Learn a Georgian style Tani otoshi technique that smashes your opponent and leaves you in a tight side control.
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Right vs right attacks
Video Download #4

  • Discover takedowns you can use when you and your opponent are fighting with the same stance.
  • Learn one of Matts most effective Osoto gari attacks, with this technique your opponents doesn't know what hit them!
  • Find out how a high grip and a running leg grab can set up a smooth and powerful fireman's carry
  • Know how to drag your opponent forwards and set them up for inside trips
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Powerful Front headlock takedowns
Video Download #5

  • This DVD download is stacked full of techniques you can do after securing front headlock, either from a failed double leg or because you snap your opponent down. These are the techniques I learnt back in my freestyle wrestling days.
  • Discover 7 Ways to take your opponent down from the front headlock
  • Learn a simple way to take their back from a standing position.
  • These techniques work both gi and no-gi.
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Judo Grip Breaks for BJJ Comps
Video Download #6

  • Grip fighting is one of the most important aspects of Judo and BJJ competition. If your opponent doesn't have their grip then they will not be able to throw you, sweep you, armbar or choke you. Whoever controls the grips controls the game - it's that simple.
  • Simple and effective grip breaks that anyone can do
  • With these grip fighting skills you will start controlling more fights ad get throw less
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Foam Roller Stretches
Video Download #7

  • In this video Matt takes you through a number of foam roller stretches to release tension caused by hard grappling training. Couple these techniques with rehydration and a protein rich meal for faster recovery so you can hit the mats sooner.

  • Increase recovery time
  • Feel great
  • Increase flexibility
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Here are 3 reasons why your takedowns are ineffective

Reason #1: You don't know any takedowns

Are you one of those grapplers who has no idea what to do when you are fighting on your feet? Do you spend a few minutes going round and round in circles, wasting energy, until someone eventually pulls guard?
Believe it or not, you're not alone. There are thousands of BJJ practitioners all over the world who have no idea about how to take people down let alone take people down and land in a dominate position. And this is one of the reasons why I made this package in the first place. I created it because I received hundreds of emails from frustrated grapplers asking me for tips, tricks and advice at how to get good at takedowns and I got sick and tired of writing huge emails back. Now with this Judo for BJJ package you will be able learn simple, easy and effective takedowns to throw and control even your strongest training partner.

Reason #2: You attack with traditional Judo techniques

Over the years I have found that some BJJ guys are harder to throw than upper level Judo guys. This is because they move and react differently and this is why traditional Judo throws don't work against BJJ guys.

When you attack with traditional Judo throws, often you get your back taken OR end up in a worst place once you it the ground - and this is not ideal for BJJ competition.

In this video series I show you modified Judo techniques that actually do work in BJJ competition. These techniques aren't your run of the mill traditional Judo techniques, instead they are altered to make them way more effective against a BJJ practitioner.

Reason #3: You know takedowns but you don't understand them

Many grapplers tend to drill a takedown or two without ever taking the time to understand HOW the technique works. Then when they try it in a live roll, and you get a bit of resistance, they find it doesn't work.
In this video series I am going to teach you super easy, highly effective takedowns that work against anybody. But im not just going to show you a heap of moves, I will teach you the HOW and WHY behind each technique. This way when you start using them when you spar you will not how to successfully set up each movement, and what to do next in case your first attack doesn't quite work out.

After releasing this package to my University of Judo members here is what one member said:
"As a BJJ based player I concentrated on O-Soto-Gari video, which is my favourite throw, and I thought I was good at it. But it only seemed to work if I used brute force. After watching your Judo for BJJ video on Osoto gari I now for the first time understand the technique and now I am throwing more people in practice, and with less effort. Thanks a lot."

~ Peter


  • Never having to pulling guard anymore

  • Being able to score a few bonus points from a high percentage, low risk takedown

  • Being able to defend a double leg and take the back afterwards

  • Knowing how to analyse your opponents posture and know what takedown to attack with takedown to use de

  • Freaking out your training partners with your new found takedown skills

  • Taking your opponents down and landing in knee ride, side control or mount

  • Landing more takedowns than ever before simply by following the grip breaks I show you

  • How much stronger you would be if you could dominate your opponents and training partners both on the ground and on your feet!

Your takedown success rate will dramatically increase in only 7 days

There is not a doubt in my mind that these techniques wont help you. I believe that with these takedowns in your hand your takedown game will improve within 7 days. And if it doesn't, shoot me an email and I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Like I said before I have been doing Judo and BJJ for a very long time and I have finally figured out what works and what doesn't against BJJ and Freestyle Judo guys and I know this package will help you be more confident and dominant the stand up game.

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